At YGON we strive to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Keep in mind that when I say "we" I am talking about a small company run by one man. This should not be a reason not to take ecology seriously, but it does make it extra challenging.

  • The plywood we use is FSC certified.
  • The glue we use is Rectavit 230 Super, water based white glue made in Belgium.
  • The finish we use is the world famous environmentally friendly Rubio Monocoat oil and is made in Izegem where YGON cabs is founded.
  • We use jute fabric as grill cloth on all our cabinets which is a natural product and supplied by a local shop.
  • The workshop is not connected to tapwater and runs on rainwater only.
  • We sell on Reverb where your purchases help protect forests.