​Colin H Van Eeckhout
Amenra, CHVE, Kingdom, Absent In Body (BE)

​Levy Seynaeve
Amenra, Oathbreaker, Wiegedood, Hessian (BE)

​Mathieu Vandekerckhove
Amenra, Syndrome, Kingdom,... (BE)

​Pierre Anouilh
Year Of No Light (FR)

Year Of No Light Ausserwelt Persephone

Brent Vanneste & Cis Deman
STAKE / Steak Number Eight (BE)

STAKE Steak Number Eight The Sea Is Dying

Thomas Francot & Jurgen Martens
Mantis (BE)

Mantis Magnolia

Guillian Maertens, Martijn Salomez & myself
All We Expected (BE)

All We Expected at Post Rock Dunk Festival

Joris De Bolle & Wouter De Bolle
Celestial Wolves (BE)

Celestial Wolves playin Post Rock at Rock Herk

Nathan Bonnet
Endles Dive (BE)

Endless Dive playin Post Rock Photo by Andy Ensslin

Tom Verryken

Astodan (BE)

Astodan playing Post Rock Photo by Nicole Imhof

Chiaran Verheyden
Helion Creek, Hippotraktor, L'itch (BE)

Helion Creek Chiaran Verheyden producer of Psychonaut


ROOK band live at Dunk Fest

Tuur Soete
Mother (BE)

Dark ambient post rock

Alexandre Belli
Asymmetry Media, URSA (BE)

URSA the band, band photo with all 4 members

Bart Lernout
Her Fault (BE)

Her Fault

Bart Van Elst
Feast (NL)

Feast doom band from The Netherlands

Frederik Boden & Martijn Winten 
Why Bother (BE)

Why Bother live session Farrm

Manuel Remmerie 
Majestic Sun (BE)

Majestic Sun

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