YGON cabs. - Est. 2015.


If you've arrived at the info page I think I've gained your interest.
My name is Tijl Tytgat and you're scrolling through something what is called 'a hobby that got out of hand'. Besides YGON cabs I try to compose music, have a full-time job as HVAC + sanitary designer and I create entertaining woodworking videos on YouTube as ygon MADE.


​YGON cabs are handmade with respect and love for wood. Imagine the history the wood used on your YGON cab could have. How many years it has its existence since it was a seed. And what happened in the world during that time. It’s alot more than just plywood. And it fucking sounds like it.


My intentions with YGON cabs the company could be called.. 'ambitious​ with a lack of time'.


I want to thank my good friend Guillian Maertens. Member of All We Expected, photographer and videographer at Bolstr (www.bolstr.be) and talking about YGON cabs full of praise as a proud owner of his own two YGON cabs.


Also my father for letting me use his workshop, my girlfriend ​An-Sofie for supporting me and loving me through all my crazy ideas, Evi for specific advise and anyone who shared or posted photos or nice words about YGON.


Thank you for your interest and visit to the YGON cabs website!
Don't forget to check out the webshop!​

Tijl of YGON working on a 2x15 YGON bass cab
Tijl Tytgat, Guillian Maertens, Artuur Bruwier and Martijn Salomez performing live as All We Expected Post rock show in Divadlo pod lampou in Czech Republic