What materials are the cabinets made of?

The cabinets are made out of 15mm Birch plywood, Poplar solid wood and metal hardware.

Do you sell empty cabinets without speakers?

Yes, the prices for this can be found at the cabinets page.

I bought an unloaded cabinet somewhere else, can YGON mount and wire speakers into my cabinet?

Yes, we can order your preferred speakers. Mount and wire the speakers immediately when you drop off your cab by appointment. You can also bring your own speakers. Contact us for more information.

What is the building process time?

All products are made as soon as a booking / reservation period closed or when 10 orders have reached. Please allow 8-10 weeks of production time depending on the number of orders. Feel free to contact us to inquire about the current state of affairs.

Do you offer custom configurations other than what is listed?

No, we have developed a full line of well designed and tested cabs which will provide you with the tonal improvement you need.

What's the 'tilt-back' design option?

The 6x12T, 6x10T and 8x10T features a 'tilt-back' design with two robust wheels and a strong 50 cm long chromed steel bar. This is mostly known of Ampeg 8x10 fridge cabs and makes it easier to transport heavy cabs by yourself.

Since the 'tilt-back' design requires more time, accuracy and the expensive qualitative handle bar. There will be an additional cost of €150


Can you make a cab that sounds good for guitar AND bass?

No. Guitar speakers are not suitable for bass because they’ll rip apart. Bass speakers are not suitable for guitar because they are too heavy and don’t reproduce much more than lows.

Anything you’d choose to pull double duty would be a great compromise, but it won’t do either well. 


How do speakers make sound?

Here's a great resource by Jacob O'neal who animated and explains how a speaker can produce sound.

Mismatching. Can I connect my 16 ohms amp to a 8 ohms cab or the other way around?

Simple answer (my words)

A comprehensive and short answer to this question is unfortunately impossible. But for comparison, imagine driving your car with the RPM pointer permanently in the red. Your car will drive, but you’re potentially hurting it. That's what's happening to your amp.


Complete answer (Words of Ted Weber of US Weber Speakers)

Here are the straight facts on impedance mismatches, and hopefully it will explain why there are contradictory reports:


It is okay to run a LOWER impedance cabinet or speaker than the amp’s output impedance. Usually a mismatch of 2:1 is okay. (i.e. amp at 16 ohms, cab at 8 ohms.) It is dangerous to run a HIGHER impedance cabinet or speaker, as there is a potential for flyback currents that could either cause a catastrophic failure, or the stress over time can cause long-term failure eventually. (although with a tube amp, it’s really best that you keep the impedance matched.) Amp power is not affected by mismatching.


It is okay to run a HIGHER impedance cabinet or speaker than the amp’s output impedance. (i.e. amp at 4 ohms, cab at 8 ohms.) It is dangerous to run a LOWER impedance cabinet or speaker. Amp power output is reduced, the higher the impedance.


Solid state vs Tube amps: Power rating

Solid State Amps

  • Power ratings change as the impedance changes.

  • The lower the impedance, the greater the power.

Tube Amplifiers

  • Power ratings do not change as the impedance changes.

  • There is no power handling advantage to wiring speakers in series, parallel, or series/parallel when using a tube amplifier.

So if your amp sounds louder on different cabs, consider the knowledge above.


Which shipping partners do you use?

Depending on the item of purchase we use GLS, DHL, DPD or Bpost for shipping in Europe. If you want to order outside of Europe, please contact us for information.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, contact us for an accurate shipping quote on shipping cabinets. Please note that any taxes and other additional costs are the responsibility of the buyer. For products purchased in the webshop, shipping costs will automatically be added during the checkout of your order.

Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

Yes, if the distance is acceptable we even recommend picking it up in Izegem, Belgium. Please mention this when requesting your quote.

My package has arrived but it got damaged during shipping or has been lost during shipping?

Although it rarely happens, damage/loss can occur during the shipping process. All packages are shipped with declared value and are track & traceable. If you have received your package and it’s been damaged or your package has been lost please contact the shipper directly. We are not liable for damage or loss that occurs during shipping.

But let us know so we can take this in account for future shipping’s.

How much does shipping a cab within Europe cost?

Please contact us for a specific quote.


Which payment method is used?

We prefer the cab is paid in full before the building process starts. But 90% of all times we use an advance payment similar to the value of the speakers. The remaining amount must be transferred before pick-up or shipping.

Do you offer artist discounts?

This is entirely dependent on the current state of orders. Discounts may not be possible during a less productive period. But yes, we offer discounts for touring bands. Please contact us with your info but don't waste my time asking for discount for a local band.


Can I cancel my cab order after the building process has begun?

Orders cancelled after the building process has begun are subject to a 20% (of the total price, excluding shipping) restocking fee.

What is the warranty / return policy?

The warranty period for your YGON cabs product is 2 years and commences on the date of purchase. During the warranty period, YGON cabs will rectify all defects due to material or production errors. YGON cabs can then fix these errors.
YGON cabs is not obliged to repair or replace devices if they become defective as a result of damage, improper use, modifications or changes made after the date of purchase.
Return the defective device, together with the original proof of purchase, to the dealer where the device was sold. Always add a note describing the problem.

YGON cabs can under no circumstances be held liable for damage of any kind, if the device was not installed correctly according to the instructions, nor for damage resulting from unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, lightning strikes, etc. All resulting costs are therefore exclusively at the expense of the buyer and are not covered by the warranty terms.

For items bought in the webshop we allow customers to return the purchase within 14 days of the date of purchase.

Shipping costs for returning a purchase are always at the expense of the buyer. This applies to both custom products and webshop purchases.