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"Before I discovered YGON I used a pretty standard combo amp which lacked quite a bit in the low ends and had too much of an overal bright sound. At one point I decided to change gear that would fit better to my sound, knowing YGON already circulated in the scene with custom hand-crafted cabs. After hearing some recordings I was super surprised about the sound, being overall massive and clear, whether you play through a clean channel or have a distorted sound. So, I bought the 212 cab with Celestion speakers which I use in my band Celestial Wolves or my solo project Georgeson; it is ideal for smaller venues because it is compact but it can surely handle bigger stages too! Aside from the cab sounding awesome it also looks so beautifully elegant but sleek in design.

If you are looking for great sounding cabs do not hesitate: YGON is your thing. Massive sound, awesome looks!"

- Joris d.B. -

"I am using mine for a couple of weeks now and every time I am totally amazed how well the cab sounds and looks. Every rehearsel I have a smile on my face when I look at it. Great work from Tijl."

- Nils -