Become a partner

For whom?

You’re a builder, a maker, a manufacturer or any type of creator of effect pedals, amps, instrument cables, flight cases, different material based protection products, speakers, unique grill cloth, guitar strings, guitar picks, guitars, guitar straps, amp repair and maintenance, printing service, woodworking tool manufacturer or any related product or service.


Why partner up?

You want a distributor in this area and/or would like to see your product in our webshop to increase your sales or to gain publicity with your brand or service. We can sell your product or recommend your brand on the website and through social media.


At what cost?

This completely depends on the kind of cooperation and it is obvious that all parties should gain profit in the relevant form of their costs and labor. Quality and reliability matters. Fame not. In other words, do not hesitate and let’s talk by contacting us below.

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