MEDIUM 70/35 | GOLD pedalboard

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Note: This pedalboard is pre-finished in color GOLD. Adding jacks is still possible.


Handmade with strong and esthetically appealing box joints. Mount your power supply underneath and give your awesome effect pedals the pedalboard they deserve.


  • Topside fully covered with loop (soft side) velcro.
  • Easy cable management underneath the board.
  • 25mm wide slots will fit any jack.
  • IEC power inlet on the right.
  • Stainless steel handles.
  • Alu YGON logo on the back.
  • Optional jack plugs.
  • Fits any power supply underneath.



  • Pedalboard MEDIUM
  • 5x adhesive cable mounts
  • 1,5m self-adhesive hook (hard side) velcro